About Us

With Dutch members in our family; it didn't take us long to discover how delicious Douwe Egberts fresh Coffee was. Then when the Philips Senseo coffee pod machine was born, we just had to share this with others in the UK and help show instant coffee drinkers what they were missing. 

Direct Coffee Pods is a sister company of Disking Computers, who have eight retail stores across the Surrey, West Sussex & Hampshire.  So should you prefer to collect your coffee in person, confirmed orders can be collected from Chichester, Cranleigh, Farnham, Godalming, Hindhead, Liphook, Midhurst or Petersfield.  Deliveries are made to our stores every Tuesday and Friday.

The Philips Senseo machine makes the best fresh coffee on the planet . . . here's why it has NO competition

1: It's the Highest Quality -
Douwe Egberts have blended coffee since 1753. It is freshly ground, sealed in a pod and then nitrogen packed for an immediate taste experience.

2: It's the Lowest Cost -
At about 12p per cup, even if you had 20 friends at a dinner party, - £2.50 all in?  
You're not paying for fancy superstar marketing campaigns or pretty coloured foil capsules - just REAL FRESH COFFEE when YOU want it.

3: It's the only one with the Crema Layer -
As the cup fills, the water produces a wondrous aromatic froth you won't find in any other system.  Add pouring cream for the ultimate reward.

4: More Flavours than spikes on a hedgehog 
Douwe Egberts offer over twenty different blends of fresh coffee for your enjoyment, or to share with others. They source worldwide, to bring it right home to your kitchen.

5: Most efficient system with minimum Waste -
Simple biodegradable paper coffee pods mean no landfill - Simple!