• Senseo DECAF 48pk

Douwe Egberts Senseo DECAFFEINATED -
coffee for all the flavor you love with the drug removed.
This is a pack of 48. Enjoy!

Senseo Decaffeinated: DECAF is a balanced coffee with a full flavour.

A mixture of medium-roasted decaffeinated Arabica and Robusta beans with a soft crema. Senseo's choice is always the beginning of something beautiful.

Choose your favourite coffee and enter a world full of adventures where quality is of fundamental importance.

Inspired by the full flavour of the 50 finely ground coffee beans in each pod, your day will turn into a wonderful one at the touch of a button.

Ingredients:Decaffeinated ground roast coffee , Pack contains:1 Pack Senseo coffee pads Decaf, Rich Aroma, Intensive & Balanced,
for Coffeepod Machines, 48 Pods Net weight: 333g / Pack, 6,9g / Pod

Senseo DECAF 48pk

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